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The novel deals largely with the struggle between traditional tribal ways and the advances of science. When he arrives at When rain clouds gather theme essay village of Golema Mmidi, he is rootless and has no real plans going forward. The raising of crops such as sorghum, millet, beans, and maize is done mostly by women, who also gather fruits and vegetables while the men hunt game.

Firstly, I need to look at the context in which this book was written. Her first novel in exile, When Rain Clouds Gather examines her decision to live in exile rather than stay and fight the apartheid system inside South Africa. He made his money from cattle speculating.

Like Makhaya, who discovers and develops his potential to love, create, and contribute positively to human society, Head was also able to find access to self-development through her participation in the Bamangwato Development Association, an agricultural project many miles from the village of Serowe.

Even when the men return to the village, the women engage in petty jealousy and rivalry because there are indeed too few men to go around. These issues lend authenticity to When the Rain Clouds Gather, as one of the primary characters, Makhaya, is a South African insurgent who has fled to Botswana, where he plans to live in exile.

From all accounts, Matenge and Gilbert are at war over the cooperative and its potential success. In Parliament sanctioned the removal of the coloured vote. Bessie Head was one of the few expatriates from South Africa willing to work as a teacher in Botswana.

Fortunately for her, Makhaya chooses to become her husband and protector during this tragic season in her life. However, Chief Matenje was still not able to let go of his hatred. In the s nearly one-third of the Batswana male population had to seek employment outside the country Parson, p.

For black South Africans, banned could also mean being restricted to a designated homeland though banished is the more appropriate term here. Though dry and arid, the village is well suited to Makhaya, who finds this rural community radically different from his urban ghetto existence in South Africa.

Head puts great stock in the powerful metaphor of water in this thirstland, from which the title of the book derives. For example, it was in Botswana that the ANC in exile decided to launch an armed struggle against apartheid in In it amended the Native Laws Amendment Act, further restricting contact now deemed inappropriate between blacks and whites, such as the free association of persons with the same political or religious beliefs.

Her political involvement as a member of the Pan Africanist Congress led to her brief arrest after anti-pass-law demonstrations that climaxed with police shootings of African protestors in Sharpeville in When Gilbert undertakes a large-scale millet plantation project, he puts Makhaya in charge of instructing the women of the village.

In the end, life goes on for the villagers, despite death, despite drought, and the beautiful simplicity of love and family, and their interconnectedness with each other and the land.

Botswana at the time is a land administered by the British, but is still ruled by tribal chiefs.

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The trials and tribulations of her characters while dealing with the segregationist political system, under which blacks were systematically abused, can be seen throughout her works, including in When Rain Clouds Gather.

He tells him that Gilbert can even eat the local food—sour milk porridge and goat meat—which has turned European stomachs in the past.

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The divine spark essay extended essay categories. Chief Matenje saw himself as more important and superior to the people of the village. Her soulful journey to define herself, which she explores in all her novels, appears to have been impossible for her in the stifling political climate in South Africa.

Later, the pass law was used to regulate the movement of the native-born Khoikhoi laborers who were attached to farms.

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Until she was 13 she was raised by a foster family in a poor section of the coloured community in the Cape Province that is, the community for South Africans of mixed descent.

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In the novel When rain clouds gather, Bessie Head uses symbolism to express the transition from the harsh life of tribalism, to the development of modern day. When Rain Clouds Gather ENG ENGE wrote an essay that clearly examined the theme of women‟s need and rights The Road to Mecca and When Rain Clouds Gather are essay-type questions.

Each of these should be answered in an essay (about two to four pages long) and each question focuses on a controversial. 5 and violence as portrayed in Bessie Head’s trilogy of When Rain Clouds Gather (), Maru () and A Question of Power (). While I will critically explore each text individually as regards the concepts of identity, discrimination and violence, however, given the dissertation’s.

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